Seiko Capacitor 3023-24Y, 3023-34U

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Seiko Capacitor 3023-24Y = 3023-34U
  • Capacitor is marked MT920
  • Kinetic capacitor charge: Shake watch 800-2000 times
  • Solar capacitor charge: Expose watch to light for a few hours
  • Used with Seiko 5K21, Seiko 5K22, Seiko 5K23, Seiko 5K25, Seiko 5K2JA, Seiko V142A, Seiko V145A, Seiko V14JA, Seiko V157, Seiko V158, Seiko VS20, Seiko VS32, Seiko VS37, Seiko VS3JA, Seiko VS43

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