Original Hoke-Jewel Torches

Gas System: Oxygen and Acetylene
Sale price$79.99


Original Hoke-Jewel Torches Ideal for precisions metal melting, soldering, brazing and welding. Fingertip control of valves and selection of tips allow user to select type of flame required, from large brush to pinpoint. Valves work easily and surely, with precise mixing of gas and never any leakage. All parts are machined from solid brass stock and seamless brass stock tubing and are completely nickel-plated. Overall length is 9" (229mm). Inlets use standard 1/4" hose. 

Both 14-120 and 14-121 have 4 tips. 14-120 has a pilot. 14-121 does not have a pilot. Pilot light on 14-121 allows continuous flow of gas for quick ignition. This is intentional and should not be misunderstood as a faulty leak. 

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