Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-56

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Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-56 

  • Capacitor is marked MT920
  • New capacitors are not supplied charged
  • After installation you will need to expose the watch to light for a few hours
  • Used with Citizen 7821A, Citizen 7828A, Citizen 7871A, Citizen 7873A, Citizen 7876A, Citizen 7878A, Citizen 7879A, Citizen A710G, Citizen A715G, Citizen A730G, Citizen A735G, Citizen A780G, Citizen A784G, Citizen A786G, Citizen B090, Citizen B510Z, Citizen B515Z, Citizen B560M, Citizen B612, Citizen B690M, Citizen B740M, Citizen B741M, Citizen B745M, Citizen B800M, Citizen B810M, Citizen B870M, Citizen B872M, Citizen B873M, Citizen B874M, Citizen B876M, Citizen B877M, Citizen B910M, Citizen C650, Citizen C651, Citizen C652, Citizen C660, Citizen E510G, Citizen E511G, Citizen E710M, Citizen E711M, Citizen E712M, Citizen E715M, Citizen E716M, Citizen E717M, Citizen E760M, Citizen E760N, Citizen E761M, Citizen E761N, Citizen E765M, Citizen E766M, Citizen E767M, Citizen E768M, Citizen E810M, Citizen E811M, Citizen E812M, Citizen E816M, Citizen E817M, Citizen E820M, Citizen E860M, Citizen E865M, Citizen E870M, Citizen H410M, Citizen H411M, Citizen H412M, Citizen H414M, Citizen H415M, Citizen H416M, Citizen H417M, Citizen H419M, Citizen H430M, Citizen H434M, Citizen H435M, Citizen H437M, Citizen H438M, Citizen H460M, Citizen H461M, Citizen H465M, Citizen H466M, Citizen H485M, Citizen H486M, Citizen H490M, Citizen H492M, Citizen H495M, Citizen H496M, Citizen H497M, Citizen J304M, Miyota 7W21, Miyota 7W71, Miyota BR10.

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