399 Genuine Crocodile Padded Watch Band

Colour: Black
Lug - Buckle Size: 12mm/10mm
Sale price$109.95


399 Genuine Crocodile Padded Watch Band

  • Genuine Crocodile, padded, stitched, watch band
  • Available in variety of sizes and in black, brown, pink or red
  • Lug/Buckle Measurements: 12mm/10mm, 14mm/12mm,  14mm/12mm short, 15mm/14mm, 16mm/14mm, 16mm/14mm short, 17mm/14mm, 18mm/16mm, 18mm/16mm short, 18mm/16mm long, 19mm/14mm, 20mm/18mm, 20mm/18mm long, 22mm/20mm, 24mm black/22mm, 24mm brown/20mm

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