VX11 Epson Watch Movement

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VX11 Epson Watch Movement 

  • 3 hand movement (hour/minute/sweep second)
  • 5 1/2 x 6 3/4 ligne movement
  • Dimensions are 13.00 mm x 15.30 mm
  • Thickness of 2.49 mm
  • Overall movement height is 3.91 mm
  • Hand dimensions are 110/65/20 (h/m/s)
  • Stems are available in a multiple of stem thread (tap) diameters. Tap 0.90 mm (10) use stem number 351-819, Tap 0.60 mm (13) use stem number 351-807
  • Movement Interchange: Bulova 6150.20 dial feet & hands are different, Bulova 6151.20 dial feet & hands are different, 6661.10 Hattori, Pulsar V231 dial feet are different, V236 dial feet are different, V238 dial feet are different, V239 dial feet are different, Y591 dial feet are different Orient 5FB dial feet are different, 6DX1 dial feet are different Seiko 1421A dial feet and hands are different.

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