4" Long Hand Swiss Pattern Precision Files

Cut: Cut 2
Sale price$22.95


4" Long Hand Swiss Pattern Precision Files Swiss pattern files are designed for detail work, delicate finishing, and precise metal removal. They have strict manufacturing tolerances, are uniform in taper, points, sharp edges, dimensions and flatness. These files are made of the finest heat-tempered, chrome alloy steel. They are measured in length from the point where the teeth begin to the end of the file. The handle section (tang) is not included in the file length. 

A general purpose file used primarily for working on flat surfaces. Parallel in width and tapered in thickness. Double cut top and bottom - One edge is single cut, one edge is safe. Length is 4" (100mm). Width is 1/2" (13.0mm). Thickness is 1/8" (3.0mm). Available in 2 cuts; cut 2 and cut 4. 

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